We offer a variety of services including Power Washing, Parking garage cleaning, Dumpster Pad cleaning, Commercial concrete cleaning and many more.  If looking for a trusted power washing company is top of your list look no further, you’ve found us.  We use state of the art equipment including surface cleaners to clean walkways, driveways and any surface dirtied by grime.  We provide services for Residential or commercial properties in the Portland and Portland Metro Area.

Over the last several years we have come across several different types of things needed cleaned.  From Reinforced Fiberglass, brick and block, Limestone, wood, cement, concrete and the sides of peoples homes and businesses.  They all clean up the same with basically the same equipment.

In appreciation of the many benefits that pressure washing endows properties with, many property owners have embraced this modern way of getting rid of dirt and grime. The only issue for some property owners is whether they should obtain the services of professional pressure washing firms or perform the task themselves. After all, it is possible to hire the tools needed for a pressure washing jobs and to carry out the task on your own. While this is possible, there are a host of problems that performing a DIY pressure washing job could cause.


The likelihood of damaging property
While one of the prime reasons of carrying out pressure washing is to keep the exteriors of the property in prime condition and to safeguard against the damage to property caused by rotting and decay, a DIY job might actually cause more harm than good. Where you meant to preserve property using pressure washing, you could end up damaging it if the task is performed incorrectly.

An important factor that every property owner who is considering performing DIY pressure washing job needs to note is that there are a host of tools used for the job and the tool that is ideal for one surface might be wrong for another surface. For this reason, the tools that would produce a great cleaning job on your driveway might be inappropriate for the deck or the siding. You could therefore end up with a perfectly cleaned driveway but also a damaged deck. Only trained Portland professionals can tell the exact equipment to use and how to use it.

For the untrained DIY property owner, pressure washing might appear to be the simple task of directing a hose of water on the dirty surface of the property yet there is more to it than this. The person performing the task needs to know how much pressure to use – too little pressure could fail to remove dirt while excessive pressure could wreck havoc on the property.