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Finding a good Portland Pressure Washing Company doesn’t have to be a tedious chore.  Make it fun and shop it around.  Find a company that is backed with many customer testimonials.  Then check their license and insurance to make sure you’re protected there.  Once you find the right company the hard work is done, you will never have to look again.  We have power washing customers from Portland that have been with us for several years.  Whatever your pressure washing need is chances are we’ve cleaned it.

We aren’t the largest pressure washing company in Portland, and size isn’t everything.  Sometimes it’s actually a bad thing.  The bigger a company is the more employees it has.  Sometimes employees don’t work as well as the owner or even a crew leader.  With our Pro Pressure Wash you are going to get one of the two, either the owner or our crew leader.

You can also rest assured we are properly Licensed and Insured for your protection in case something does happey while working on your property.

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Saves on Maintenance Cost

The exteriors of buildings are exposed to the elements and naturally accumulate plenty of dirt and grime. Unless these deposits are completely removed, they will cause the external appearance of the building to look unkempt in addition to encouraging rot and decay (especially on wooden surfaces). Power washing removes all the dirt and grime thereby saving on maintenance costs in addition to improving the physical appearance of a building.

Economical Good for the Environment

When done correctly, pressure washing is very cost effective and also good for the environment. Professional pressure washing firms know the right chemicals to use and this guarantees that carrying out the cleaning job does not lead to the introduction of harmful chemicals to the environment. Knowledge of the right chemicals to use and how to use them might be beyond the DIY property owner. Compared to conventional washing, power washing also uses very little water.

Simply Adds Value to Your Property

If you desire to add value to a property without spending too much money, keeping the property sparkling could just do the trick. Keeping a commercial building looking great tells your customers that you are a professional and that your business is performing well. On the contrary, filthy business premises do not inspire people to work with you as they make you look like one on the verge of failure. Similarly, a sparkling home is a joy both for the residents and visitors. Keeping the home in great shape could also prove extremely important if you are considering selling it. Your home could look identical to many other properties yet its curb appeal could make it stand out.

Saves Time, which we know is Valuable

Conventional washing methods require plenty of preparation and plenty of tools and substances. You have to get ladders to help you access the hard-to-reach places, arm yourself with water buckets or hoses, prepare the washing solutions then spend plenty of time scrubbing away. For an average home, this could take up to ten hours and it would not be considered the ideal way to spend a weekend.


When you use the services of a pressure washing company, the need to buy all the equipment is eliminated. Should you decide to perform pressure washing yourself, you could purchase all the special tools required for the task and while this is definitely better than using cleaning solutions, it might not be as effective as paying a professional company. Using the services of a professional Portland Power Washing company ensures that you spend your precious time on more productive tasks and that you do not deny yourself a well deserved rest. In any case, failing to do the job correctly might necessitate re-doing it and this will cost you more time – and money!


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Portland Power Washing

Max Pressure Wash clean’s everything from the side of your home to the walkway at your business. We have been offering professional power washing to Portland residents for several years.  We are licensed and insured to protect you the customer in case an accident does happen.  This should be a concern all home owners check when hiring a company for service.

Do you have a mossy roof, dirty siding or a grimy sidewalk tracking dirt into your house each time someone enters?  Maybe you have a back porch or patio deck that needs cleaned?  We understand the value of curb appeal and how good it feels for a proud homeowner to drive up to his clean house. We take great pride in making this happen for Portland Residents whether it’s their home or business. Hiring our company will leave you 100% satisfied and eager to schedule your next appointment.

If you have a business one rule you have to be aware of.  A very high % of people, your potential customer buys with their eyes. If your storefront is messy with cob webs or just dirt, people notice this when they walk into your Portland business.  This could sway them from purchasing your product.  Especially if it’s food you are selling.  If your storefront looks like this they are going to wonder what the kitchen looks like.  We are Portland’s Pro Pressure Wash Experts and can take care of this for you.


Home or Business

A home or office that is covered in grime is not only physically unappealing but could also be a huge health risk. Aware of this, most people set aside sometime to regularly clean homes and offices. While such efforts are commendable, it is important to realize that arming yourself with a bucket of water and soap and spending several hours scrubbing away might still fail to produce the results you desire.

On the other hand, pressure washing a home or office has distinct advantages and clearly evident results..

Can you Do it Yourself?

For property owners performing their first DIY pressure washing job, the real challenge might be deciding where to source for equipment. There are plenty of places renting out these equipment including hardware stores, rental shops and department stores. Even when the equipment is located, you need to know that the quality varies widely from one source to the next. It is therefore possible to lay your hands on outdated equipment which could end up causing injuries and damaging property. Using the services of a professional Portland power washing company guarantees that the equipment used on your property has required safety features and that neither you nor your property will be put at risk.

While you decided to pressure wash to get rid of dirt and grime, it is possible to achieve nothing if the exercise is not coordinated professionally. Professional cleaning requires that the exercise is carried out in a specific order. Can you, for instance, decide which comes first between pressure washing and window cleaning? If you cleaned the windows first then proceeded to pressure wash, there is every possibility that the latter exercise will deposit dirt on the windows. By employing the services of professional pressure washers, you’ll rest assured that the entire property is left sparkling clean and that you do not engage in a futile exercise.

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